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-enter politics. >> good luck trying to get these two leaders on the same page. david cameron and angela merkel maliki to other personally, but they do not like or the other wants to take europe. there were plenty of smiles and plenty of disagreement. >> both leaders insisted they were committed to working together on issues like changing eu treaties. that we say we will work together on a solution -- our family relationship means that we work together on a solution. each side understands the other side's position. >> we do not agree on every aspect of european policy. i am clear we can address and accommodate and deal with these differences. >> britain will not agree to buy financial services tax for the eu, is the same tax is applied to institutions throughout the world. >> we had a chance to talk about that. we agreed that were it to be introduced at the global level, both countries would do so. >> many observers do not expect any progress on that issue. with the euro in crisis, it could prove difficult for angela merkel and the months ahead. >> there were differences between the two leaders
a major european power is not an easy job during the best of times. david cameral and angela merkel diplomatic skills we but to the test later. the meeting promises to be a lively, to say the least. >> when david cameron and arrives in berlin, he will know that some german impis' -- mps have directly criticized britain. angela merkel has admitted her intentions. she and the prime minister have very different visions for europe. >> this demands a great deal of political sensitivity. i personally want a europe with great britain and its. " >> earlier this the, angela merkel spelled out her ambition. she spoke of building political unions. it would mean it not less europe, but more in europe. a short time later, david cameron was speaking in london. he describes himself at as a skeptic who is ideal europe would be a network. >> not the rigidity of a block. " britain was accused of looking out for its own advantage. i am told that the differences between britain and germany are significant, but they do not amount to a raft. the chemistry between david cameron and angela merkel is usuall
the fact that on several issues berlin and london disagree. angela merkel would like quicker integration for the eurozone, david cameron fears losing influence. angela merkel like a tax on financial transactions, david cameron sees this aimed as a bullet at the heart of the city. angela merkel says no. again on the issue, the message from angela merkel, but the lady is not returning. >> the british demand to use a large amount of firepower is right but we have to take care that we don't use powers that we don't have because the markets will figure out very quickly that this will not work. >> some of the germans have been talking up the divisions. what is in the still doing in the eu, asks one headline. take any two countries and the european union and you can find an of policy differences to create a row if that is what you want. this puts the european union's most important country with another country that doesn't even use the currency. there has been no obvious progress on the immediate task of calming the crisis. both leaders working to stress the ideas that they share including the
for the futures prosperity of germany. angela merkel has been facing some criticism from her own party over her handling of the debt crisis. >> she received broad party support for her policies. that followed an emotional appeal to the conference earlier in the day. >> europe has a common destiny and a globalized world. that is why now is the time to act. this is the moment to move forward. to do what is necessary at home and in the united europe to defend the values that are worth defending. >> she is calling for more joint european responsibility, including a euro wide tax on financial transactions. there was gunny's among some delicate about the increasing cost of bailing out troubled economies. >> we are now financing the escalating states data sets of several countries. that is not what we agreed to. >> on the domestic front, they agreed to a legally binding minimum wage, something that conservatives always rejected. >> we spoke to our chief political correspondent and began by asking her what the christian democrats had decided on so far on this issue of the euro zone crisis. >> it was li
tv. >> thanks for joining us. >> our headlines at this hour -- angela merkel says no as brussels process through new bonds. dead, protests continue in cairo in tahrir square. nuclear waste on its way back to germany accompanied by protests by environmental activists. the financial future of europe is at the center of a showdown between brussels and berlin over eurozone debt, and it touches on overriding issues like national sovereignty and the rights of individual parliaments. the president of the eu commission has launched a new push for eurobonds, criticizing the german government's rejection. >> the eurozone president hopes that brussels can convince markets that it can resolve the debt crisis, and he wants germany to reconsider the introduction of eurobonds as a solution instead of just rejecting the idea. >> frankly speaking, i do not think it is appropriate in our european union in respect of the prerogatives and duties of all the institutions to say from the beginning that it should not be helped. >> the european commission has proposed three possible forms of yourbonds. i
the status quo. >> the shutdown -- police shut down into a capitalist camp in california. >> angela merkel warns that europe faces its biggest challenge since the second world war. ai weiwei receives $1.5 million from supporters and to fight the tax bill. >> it is 4:00 a.m. in london. broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world, this is "newsday." hello and welcome. so is the net tightening around president assad. the white house says the syrian president should go. in an exclusive interview, king and delaware called on him to step down. -- king abdullah called on him to step down. activists say another 40 people were killed on monday. jeremy bowen reports. >> it was another hard and bloody day in the center of the uprising in syria. most foreign journalists are banned from the country, so we are relying again on pictures taken by opponents of the regime and sent out on the internet. [gunfire] the assad regina says it is fighting a bomb plot to destroy the country. but evidence has piled up of security forces killing syrian protesters, many or most of them on the arms. w
, these antagonists, angela merck curveball and nicolas sarkozy have been saying that greece won't be getting any financial support before its decision to hold a referendum. now we have a bit more detail about what that referendum, the shock decision to hold a referendum just two days ago could actually be. greece will be voting on whether it will decide to stay inside the eurozone. the ballot could be held as of early december. we'll go live to cannes in just a moment's tile. let's have a look at how the european stock markets are fairing at the moment. in just the first five minutes of trading, take a look at these losses. we did come off gains in yet's session. what we've got at the moment is perhaps not just talk of a disorderly default but a eurozone without greece altogether that. is what really is ruining these markets in the first five minutes of trade. we also had the euro gaining more ground against the u.s. dollar despite the kind of situation we're seeing with regards to greece. again, perhaps some saying that a euro without greece inside the eurozone could be good for the single curr
of directors, angela jia kim founder of saver the and barry moltz is a small business consultant. we took our own advice. we didn't just send them to our website, it's a special part of the website. that's what you take away from this piece. if you are going to do it, don't be lazy about it. >> it's so cool. it's another layer of exclusivi exclusivity. this only works on a smartphone, correct? you are cutting off a certain segment who doesn't have a smartphone. >> that is true. i do not have one. i'm old school. >> 50% of people in the united states have a smartphone. if they don't know how to down load the qr reader and don't have internet, it's not going to work. >> can you put the url under it. for those people who do have smartphones, it is. it's a cool thing to do and relatively easy. >> what's most important in marketing is you have to be shareable. you are allowed to be shareable. what they said is the important thing is not to just send them to your website. there's got to be a special offer. if you don't give them a special offer, you are missing an oppor
a timetable with a referendum as an as possible. nicolas sarkozy and angela merkel are afraid that the longer the situation lasts, the more nervous the market gets. if greece wants to stay in the euro zone or not, no matter how the question will be passed, many people in the euro zone are afraid. it would mean not only the end of all of the greek rescue package, but it could mean the end for the european comprehensive rescue plan. >> is there a plan to be -- plan b? >> nobody has talked about it in public or in business circles. the politicians avoid the subject. they're very much afraid that the speculation could cause a lot of damage for countries like italy. they are very much afraid of the political impact it could have on the european union. >> ken euro zone leaders managed to clear the decks so they can keep -- ken euro zone leaders managed to clear the deck? >> i am not sure they can really clear the deck. they can present a timetable so they can demonstrate to the market that they are doing something. their position here it is definitely weekend. two days ago, they presented that euro
the country's aaa status. nicolas sarkozy and angela merkel met for another emergency conference on thursday. this time, together with the new italian prime minister. there was no breakthrough on major issues. for many people in europe, the thought of giving more power to brussels is deeply unpopular and raises new questions about the eu and its institutions. could the debt crisis turn into a crisis of democracy? >> behind-the-scenes, he is a german member of that european parliament. he is a major player in its conservative block and has the ear of the german chancellor. he gets with colleagues from across the continent. >> is this european democracy at work? >> this is democracy at work full stop. democracy means finding compromises. >> the compromise is that current account are those struck by nicolas sarkozy and angela merkel. >> the chancellor and i are both absolutely determined to find ambitious and unsustainable answers to all the issues that confront us. >> the duo is dominant right now as europe struggles to get on top of the debt crisis. some complain that they have emerged as an
for far right extremists to organize? angela merkel's christian democrats met today and voted to push for a ban on the far right npd party. >> delegates voted unanimously for a motion to examine banning in the youth are right party by law. there are still many -- banning the far-right party by law. there's still many questions to be answered. >> we need to find out why and how this could happen in our country. despite the police and intelligence network in our country. >> but the dominant issue at the conference was the european sovereign debt crisis and germany's handling of it. >> at this conference, we have demonstrated that we are willing and able to take responsibility for germany within a united europe in the future. >> merkle even got the support of most delegates for a national minimum wage, something conservatives have always rejected. >> you have to adapt to reality if you want to remain a modern political party. >> in education, the party broke another taboo, voting to change germany's three-tier achievement based secondary school system into just two types of schools. >> a
shaken the market an inferior raided the european leaders. angela merkel said that the rescue package is not up for renegotiation. >> some of the world's most powerful leaders and officials arrived ahead of the g-20 summit but hanging over the meeting, the latest crisis in the eurozone. >> we are going to do a little bit of business. >> the french president was playing host and found himself waiting for 10 minutes for the chinese president. on his mind was the decision by the greeks to call a referendum on the bailout plan. this put in jeopardy the entire agreement reached by the eu last week. before the summit, he and the german chancellor, angela merkel, and european leaders held an emergency leader. the greeks were told there would be no reopening of negotiations. there were strong hints that greece might not get their latest bailout money until after the brand of random -- until after the referendum. when george papandreou arrived, there was no french leader to greet him. european leaders are furious with him. there could be a greek the fault with the enormous consequences for eur
and the german chancellor angela merkel as they meet in cannes later today and head of a g-20 summit. mr. papandreou also surprised many of his own party, although his cabinet has now come out and support. this report. >> there was an air of calm in athens this morning but no hiding the political turmoil in greece. overnight, there has been a marathon seven-hour cabinet meeting. the morning papers reflected the crisis. it is ridiculous what they are doing. they should have asked people before they went to the imf and ask them then to make the sacrifices they are making now. i think the prime minister that a decision is the right one. he had pressure from the european union and everyone needs to take responsibility. >> prime minister george papandreou's plan is controversial. he believes a referendum is the only way to overcome the resistance to the eu debt rescue package. but the idea of spending cuts and tax increases is unpopular, and there is a possibility the greek government could collapse before a referendum is held. with the chinese president on his way to the g-20 summit of globa
a government committee -- a government committed to bringing down greece's massive debts. angela merkel said she is focused on one goal, to stabilize at the zero -- the euro zone in its current form. even france came under increasing pressure from the financial markets. this is the biggest crisis in europe since world war ii. >> germany's chancellor said it was essential that italy move quickly to employment and new austerity package. angela merkel dismissed reports that she favored a smaller euro zone. she told a news conference that the only goal was to -- germany's options are limited. >> with the euro zone crisis deepening, all eyes turn to germany. these german mps know they will determine the future of a single currency. today, the german chancellor said she still believes the euro zone can survive in its present form. >> since the beginning of the debt crisis, and germany has presuming one single goal. stabilizing the euro zone in its current form. >> the euro zone badly needs fixing and germany has been the main country applying the sticking plaster. it has been the largest contribut
. >> police shut down an anti-capitalist camp in california. protests vow to regroup and return. >> angela merkel warns europe faces its biggest challenge since the second world war. the nor region gunman who killed 77 people in a shooting rampage in july appeared in open court for the first time. it's 10:00 in the morning here in singapore. >> it's 2:00 a.m. here in london, broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world, this is "newsday." >> hello, and welcome. is the net finally tightening around preas sad. the white house said he's increasingly isolate and should go. in an earlier exclusive interview with bbc, king abdullah called to step down. and wants to suspend syria in the violent government crackdown. activists say another 40 people were killed monday. our bbc middle east editor has this report. >> it was another hard and bloody day in holmes, which has become the center of the uprising in syria. most foreign journalists are banned from the country so we're relying get on pictures taken by opponents of the regime and sent out on the internet. the assad regime said
the debt. in germany, angela merkel said she is focused on one goal. to stabilize the euro zone in its current form, she insisted. how? even france came under increasing pressure from the financial markets. this is the biggest crisis in europe since world war ii. >> angela merkel said it was essential that italy and move quickly. angela merkel also dismissed reports she favored a smaller euro zone. she told a news conference that berlin's only goal was to stabilize the current block. germany's options are limited. >> with the euro zone crisis deepening, all eyes turn to germany. notableerman mp's determine the future of the single currency. the german chancellor said she still believes the euro zone can survive in its present form. >> since the beginning of the debt crisis, germany has pursuing one simple goal. to stabilize the euro zone and its current form. each individual country is in a situation to regain credibility. >> the euro zone badly needs fixing and germany has been the main country applying the sticking plaster. the big question is whether germany would step in to help it
gets set to meet his german opposite number angela merkel, the chancellor in berlin later today. the two leaders have very different views on the euro zone crisis and indeed, the shape of the whole european union overall. that could make for a lively exchange later on today. joining us now from berlin with more on what we could expect is frederik pleitgen. the uk has long been using this euro zone crisis to further its own ambitions. what kind of meeting is this going to be like? it could be pretty fraught. >> it could indeed be pretty fraught, nina. german newspapers are calling this potentially a friendly conversation without tea. you're absolutely right. there are very different views, both on the euro zone as well as indeed the entire shape of the future of the european union. angela merkel, of course, believes that the austerity plans and the bailout measures that have already been put in place and are currently being worked on are going to be enough. she wants the bailout measures that have been decided on to be able to unfold at first. the british prime minister takes a f
do not like it. anyway, chancellor angela merkel has been the leading lady in this greek tragedy but she's not having an easy time getting greece to accept the terms of its second bailout. so what's happening in germany is absolutely crucial always to this crisis. fred pleitgen is in berlin and joins us now. how is this political drama been playing over the past couple of days in germany? >> reporter: there certainly seems to be a large mood swing in berlin among politicians but also among a large part of the population as well. there seems to be disappointment here in germany as what is obviously perceived to be political wrangling on the part of the greek government and politicians in the face of this crisis. now, there haven't been any official statements, however, in a newspaper interview earlier today, the economics minister who admittedly is a euro skeptic and a skeptic of whether or not the greeks could pull all of this off, he said at this point in time he's giving a stern warn together greeks. he said they can either reform inside the euro zone or leave the euro zone but
aid to chuck schumer and democratic strategist and angela mcglowan, political analyst, thank you for joining us. let's get to it. should the president have done more to get the super committee to stop or keep them from becoming a super bust, angela? >> you know what, kelly, leadership and diplomacy was in the president's hands to show leadership. he missed an opportunity and that's why his leadership poll numbers have gone down and the bottom line is this, next year when we have an election in november, i think they're going to be many changes in washington d.c., on both sides of the oil and in the white house. >> kelly: you say that his poll numbers have gone down and that's not across the board, however, because you have some conservatives, for example, at the conservative for america enterprises saying that president obama was wise to distance himself from the congressional snafu that was going on with the super committee. so, chris, when one conservative is acknowledging that, what do you think the president should have done? >> well, i think he was right to stay away from it
between angela merkel and david cameron is good. they liked each other. over lunch, they even managed a little bit of a joke. angela merkel said she wanted more europe, wanted to see a step-by-step progress towards political integration. david cameron on the other hand talked about a flexible network rather than a bloc. they disagree over that. they disagree, too, on a tax on financial transactions. that is something the germans are very keen on. the british feel that would be a bullet aimed straight at mundus. the british are concerned they might find themselves being left on the sidelines as an outsider. these basic questions, including how to handle the euro zone crisis, were not fixed today. >> sense of the crisis continues. thank you very much. you were watching bbc world news america. still to come -- racing to recover. nine months after a deadly earthquake, the new zealand city of christchurch is still picking up the pieces. it is one of holidays enduring mysteries. 30 years after actress natalie wood drowned, police have reopen the inquiry into her death. >> ♪ i feel pretty
nicolas sarkozy and german chanceler angela merkel had a telephone meeting. they said in a joint statement the two countries are going to ensure the full implementation of the eurozone bailout deal. sarkozy and merkel will meet papandreou on wednesday in cannes ahead of the g-20 sumit to seek implementation of the eu bailout deal. now stock markets nosedived on tuesday following the news of papandreou's national referendum plan. in new york, shares fell across the board with the dow jones falling more than 300 points at one time. investors are increasingly worried about what they see as a threat to the latest eu agreement. the dow closed the day at 11,657. that is down 2.5% from monday. sources say investors are closely watching what will come out of papandreou's meeting with the french president and the german chancellor. the benchmark stock index in paris plunged more than 5%. in frankfurt, the key index dropped 5% even while the london market saw a decline of 2%. >>> now let's get a check on tokyo markets. to see how things are kicking off here we go to ramin mellegard at the tokyo stoc
chancellor angela merkel met with the king of jordan. >> pakistan was not on the agenda for the meeting between chancellor merkel and the king of jordan. but islamabad announcement's that it would stay away from an international conference in -- on afghanistan being held in bonn next week is a concern for germany. >> pakistan as part of the region, and we need them all involved. which is why we're very disappointed at today's cancellation. >> pakistan is boycotting the gathering because of widespread outrage at home over a deadly nato attack on saturday. the strike on an army post near the afghan border killed 24 pakistani soldiers. angela merkel and king abdullah hope pakistan will change its mind. >> jordan has its commitments in afghanistan. but again, the political process is what takes precedence at the we have a strong relationship with pakistan we hope the situation will improve. >> but progress towards peace and stability in afghanistan will be nearly impossible without pakistan's involvement. >> now to the legacy of the arab spring in morocco. last week, the country had its fir
] >> fantastic so far we had angela davis speaking drawing connections between here and other struggles around the world saying we are for the occupies of oakland and say no to the occupation of palestine. it is great to be political discussion and figuring out the next steps for our movement. >> reporter: here's a shot of political activist angela davis addressing the crowd. she was on a stage at 14th and broadway where the center of the movement is today. expect that intersection to be closed throughout the day. they are going to meet begin -- meet again to rally at noon. in front of city hall rappers in the plaza, informative areas. there's a little of something for everyone. it feels like a festival, the mood is enthusiastic and energetic. there's been a variety of reactions to this. the coffee shop is closed. but the subway sandwich shop across the street is he did odtqu+ clorox corporation on broadway is closed to visitors there are employees there. the city of oakland is reporting 5% of is employees went on strike today to participate. we haven't seen hardly any police officers, maybe o
are anxious to see if the new leadership can restore stability to the region. >> angela merkel has reiterated her government's strong opposition to the introduction of so-called eurobonds. the idea has been gaining renewed support since other attempts to stem the rose on prices have so far failed. -- euro zone prices have so far failed. >> there is a huge difference. as with every aspect of this process, there are at least two sides fighting vehemently. greece is looking to issue a debt bonds early next year. germany is reluctant to see anything happen that could affect the paymaster. the fact is that germany is the paymaster of europe and remains so. angela merkel has to fight that battle at home, not wanting to see german money thrown at countries that cannot sustain their own economy. the voluntary bond issue, like all of these issues, as i said today, the message to the group is that the clock is ticking and we are running out of time. >> that was jeff bates, speaking to us earlier, from brussels. 15% on tuesday, plunging to a new low. the banks say that they need much more money than it
shaken markets and infuriated in europe's leaders. angela merkel warned that the rescue package is not up for renegotiation. the greek prime minister is being summoned for urgent talks. >> for the leaders of france and germany, the shock of the greek referendum feels like the trail. angela merkel and sarkozy made huge efforts to deliver last week's deal. they urge them to stick with it. his plan backed the european union back into crisis. papandreou agreed to the rescue. he insists that the greek people must accept or reject it in a referendum. there is no disguising chancellor merkel's anchor today. >> we agreed on a plan for greece last week. as far as the european union is concerned, we will not put this plan into practice. the media should help. >> five days ago, europe was celebrating a package of measures designed to save the euro. there should be a 50% right off in the country's debt. the move to a referendum has thrown everything in doubt. you can hear the frustration from france'as prime minister in parliament today. >> europe cannot spend on weeks waiting for the response for th
of the german chancellor angela merkel today as she talked about the political union to overcome the current economic problems. but how do the current leaders feel about this? from brussels, matthew price sent us this report. >> they have changed the guard in italy and greece. outwit sylvia berlusconi and george papandreou. -- out with them. in rome today, the new prime minister, mario monti was being hailed as the man to save italy, and by extension the euro. he is an economist, a respected university president. he was a commissioner for a decade and knows how the euro works. he is a staunch defender of the euro. today, one of his former students gave this assessment. >> given the present emergency, he is playing an important role and can be right man at the right time to hit >> financial markets also seemed relieved, but for how long? here in brussels, mario monti is seen as a can-do man. he was known as super mario, and the fundamentals and italy have not changed. they still have record levels of debt and interest rate payments on the money they have borrowed. in greece, too, there is a n
is to bow out greece and italy, one of the most crucial affairs will be germany. german chancellor angela merkel insists that helping others must not endanger her country's economy, but what about the cost of not helping? joining us from berlin is one of the so-called five wise people who advise the german government on the economy. thank you very much for being with us. what's your message as an advisor to german chancellor angela merkel right now? >> our message is that the only solution for the euro area is to act united and to try to do something. we have made a proposal for a joint liability fund supporting especially italy. the fund would have volume of about 2.3 billion euros. only with this will it be possible to get more calm and to the markets. >> let's leave that aside for a moment. the talk of united action -- you are whistling in the wind. the greeks have had four days to choose a leader. there's no reason to suppose italy is suddenly going to implement the kind of policies that are clearly needed. >> i think as far as italy is concerned, if you compare italy with the united
this -- difficulty by guaranteeing their debt. but the stumbling block, german chancellor angela merkel is against it. she argues nations in trouble should reform and not be given an easy way out. but of course, these talks have been given more urgency by events in the money market. germany struggled to sell government debt and borrowing costs rose. bill blaine is a senior director at a financial trading company and he explained the significance of events on the financial markets. >> yesterday we got a clear demonstration that it does not take a euro events like a greek the ball to kick off contagions. you know what? the virus is already spreading. a normal market, we would not particularly mind if the german market had not -- often than not on particularly well. it might have told us interest rates were so low that it might not be worth buying bunds and maybe you want to have risks somewhere else. but yesterday clearly demonstrated the global marketplace is walking away from the bureau. what is most interesting is the amount of volume and selling seen in places like asia, places like the u.s., where
angela davis and huey newton and kp f a's news department which never ceased to praise jones because they saw him as a fellow ideologue who professed what they did. the question i have is have you gone to any of these prominent people and asked them how they could justify creating the myth of james jones that led so many people--including people like angela davis, who should hang her head in shame. >> jones hoodwink the lot of people. as you say mosconi -- politicians came to people's temple because jones had at his command 3,000 foot soldiers who were willing to go out in this neighborhood and people demonstrations and even across voting districts to get people elected. i found a tape where mosconi is basically saying you helped get me elected and therefore i am going to make you head of the housing authority which he did. and you are right that where these allegations of physical abuse and financial misuse happen, that he helped elect mayor mosconi, district attorney, councilmember harvey milk's, turned a blind eye to. your right. of course milk and mosconi were killed ten days aft
brown was involved in it, and gutter scum like angela davis and newton and kpfa's news department which never ceased to praise jones because they saw him as a fellow ideolog who professed what they did. the question i have for you is have you gone to any of these prominent people and asked them how they could justify creating the myth of james jones that led so many people acropper, including people like angela davis who should hang her head in shame. >> well, jones hoodwinked a lot of people, and as you say, they got, you know, he -- the politicians cornered him. they came to people's temple because jones had his command, you know, 3,000 foot soldiers willing to go out and canvas neighborhoods and people demonstrations and cross voting districts to get people elected, and there's a tape where they are basically saying, yes, you helped get me elected, and therefore i'm going to make you the head of the housing authority, which he did, and you are right that when these allegations of physical abuse and financial misdeeds happened, the slate that he helped elect, you know, mayor marsconi,
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